Make a Linux OS

Make a Linux OS

Getting Started:

What do you need:
a) some existing and working images so that we can wrap the file-system and
directory tree (they are built in
images, so inside it has all the directory skeleton)
b) make a directory skeleton, where you can put all those such as following by
copy and paste with original materials form above (/tmp/myOS/):
/ /boot -- here goes the grub and lilo and boot loader
/lib -- here goes the kernel
/etc etc

Step 2: Build the Kernel 1) Download linux kernel:
2) Setup the kernel and build it

make menuconfig
save it as .config
apply make or make -j3

3) install processor emulator
yum -y install qemu nasm

sudo apt-get install qemu nasm

4) run it
qemu -m 124M -kernel /tmp/myKernel/../zImage

Step 3: Attach kernel & Directory skeleton
1) compiled/builded kernel was created copy that and paste it to /tmp/myOS/lib/
2) make sure the directory and grub/lilo/bootloaders are fine tunned
3) keep on testing..., should work hoping

Check this link to Configure Kernel